Bronkhorst IN-Press Trykkregulator

Bronkhorst IN-Press Trykkregulator digital electronic pressure transducers and controllers for gases and liquids are equipped with a rugged, ‘industrial style’ (IP65) pc-board housing for use in industrial environments. The instruments have a well-proven compact thru-flow design and include a diaphragm type piezo-resistive pressure sensor for pressure measurement/control from

Integrated, adaptable PID control for fast and smooth control. The pc-board of an IN-PRESS pressure meter features integrated, adaptable PID control for fast and smooth control of any electronically driven valve. The standard direct acting valve (F-001AI/F-011AI) is normally closed, has a pressure capability up to 100 bar and is available for Kv-values up to 6.6 x 10-6. Normally opened valves can also be supplied. There is also a pilot operated valve for high flow rates (Kv-max 6.0 !!!), the so-called Vary-P valve that can cope with 400 bar delta-P and a bellows valve for applications with very low differential pressure. All these control valves are available with IP65 protected coils.

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